BeNaughty Review

There are plenty of online dating websites that can allow you to be sugar baby or sugar daddy. However, each of them is different, the BeNaughy platform as well. Our BeNaughy Review is to show you the great features it has and help to find a petentail sugar baby or sugar daddy quickly.

Now, we will look why the particular platform is an excellent choice for sugar babies to find their sugar daddies and turn their online dating experience into a pleasant activity.

Is BeNaughty Good?

BeNaughty Sugar Daddy Dating Website.

Powered by Together Networks Limited, BeNaughty is a friendly online dating website designed to help sugar babies and sugar daddies explore their sexuality in their pursuit for love. It was developed for single people who would like to discover their sexual potentials with no restrictions nor reproach.

BeNaughty is great, considering that it connects people with respect to their actual needs. Whether you want a serious relationship or you just to hang out, you can always have that. At the same time, BeNaughty offers varous functions and features, making the sugar daddy dating experience both convenient and safe.

Key Features

BeNaughty Sugar Baby Search Engine.

The site focuses on using different modes and functions, which suit the needs of the users. In this regard, BeNaughty incorporated interesting features that make it easy to find your perfect sugar baby match and get more information about each other.

General features are the following:

  • Promotion of My Account – this feature boosts the visibility of your profile to other site members.
  • Full Safe Mode – you can turn on this feature to ensure that only members with verified accounts can send you messages.
  • Basic Safe Mode – you can use this feature to block messages from individuals who have been flagged for misconduct by other users. This is done to promote safety.
  • Media sharing – you can conveniently share images and videos with whoever you are communicating with on the site. After all, to see is to believe!
  • Search options – basically, the site allows you to streamline or filter your search according to factors that include gender, marital status, age, location, sexual orientation, habits, ethnicity, appearance, religion, income, education, and preferences, etc.
  • Chat roomsto make it more fun, BeNaughty added chatrooms. On these platforms, you are free to chat, express yourselves, and ‘BeNaughty’ with a sugar baby/daddy on the other side.

Pros and Cons

BeNaughty Video Option for Sugar Babies.

Just like any other program, the BeNaughty online dating site has strengths and weaknesses, as our BeNuaghty Review provides.


  • The website is relatively easy to find online
  • You can easily navigate on the hookup site
  • If you want to sign up, it’s not a complicated process, it’s super fast.
  • There are no annoying ads on the site
  • You can find a wide range of sugar daddies from more than 10 countries
  • Over 27 different languages are available
  • The company has a full-time customer support service
  • You have many ways of showing interest to someone
  • No costs are incurred to search for other users
  • The site is backed by a great mobile application


  • Reliability is a big issue; there is a probability of the site being fraudulent
  • The site doesn’t offer an annual membership plan
  • There are no discounts
  • Only sugar daddies are required to pay in order to send messages
  • Users receive constant and annoying notifications


BeNaughty Sugar Baby Profile.

What you will notice is, there are no boundaries to whom you can meet at BeNaughty. Women and men of all legal ages can easily connect. BeNaughty gives you a chance to discover your truest form, to fully explore your imaginations.

BeNaughty is growing at a tremendous rate. Presently, it has reached over ten countries that include Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Norway, United States, Denmark, and Sweden. The long term goal is to become a global phenomenon.

The membership information provided for the USA is as follows:

  • Total members500,000
  • Members weekly online – 120,000
  • Gender ratio60% female : 40% male
  • Most active gender – females

If you want to be a member of BeNaughty, a sugar baby or sugar daddy/mommy, it only depends on your phone’s IP address. If you’re in a country that already has the site, joining is quite easy and there are no special requirements. You can even skip some of the registration processes to finish later.

BeNaughty accommodates virtually everyone, regardless of their race or sexual orientation. You’re free to be who you are, either gay, bisexual, or straight, there is no discrimination. The concept here is to promote the free expression of your sexuality without reservations.

Since the site can accommodate everyone, it means it’s easy to meet a sugar daddy who shares the same preferences with you. The site promotes profiles of users who are potential sugar babies to be visible to you.Usually, these potential partners are right in your community, and it’s really convenient to meet them. You can readily get your romantic adventure and experience the magic you have always wanted. There is nothing to lose, just gains!

The BeNaughty membership plans are quite extensive. You choose a membership plan depending on what you are looking for. You might be looking for casual dating, sexual encounters, or a committed relationship. By the way, you can actually get a really stable relationship with a sugar daddy that gets you a ring on that finger. You can thank BeNaughty later.

BeNaughty guide

The particular guide I wrote would help you to get the best online dating experience. Before all, you can choose to access BeNaughty through its website or via the mobile application. You are given a trial period of 3 days and an additional two days for free. During this period, you can make contact with any members on the platform. The basics sound simple? Now, check the steps to start doing it.

1. How to Sign-up

When you visit the site, you will instantly see two options, one which requires you to log in and the other which says “I’m new.”

If you’re a newbie and would like to create an account, you should select the “I’m new” option. When you click on this tab, you will be redirected to another page to begin your sign up process. On the new page, fill in your username, gender, preferences, location, age, email, password, and then click “join” to enter.

The signup process is absolutely free; you only need to be connected on the internet. Once you get in, you’re free to feed information into the description boxes and to upload your profile photo.

You can begin to send free messages or flirtcasts with photos during the trial period. Flirtcasts are broadcast messages that can be viewed by potential sugar babies or sugar daddies when they take a glimpse of your profile. It won’t be long before you start to get responses.

2. Creating an effective profile

For you to get the best out of this site, you have to create an effective profile that reveals the true you. However, if you’re not fully subscribed, you can only have access to profile photos. You need to be a full member to unlock more features.

Another thing, you should not violate the basic rules of the site. These rules prohibit you from uploading pictures of other objects other than you. Your profile picture should neither be pornographic, nude, nor an image of a celebrity.

If you want to get more attention from a sugar daddy or mommy, use your own pictures. You can upload an entire album as long as there are no duplicates. The site will only allow a picture to be uploaded once.

BeNaughty also added a feature that enables you to attract your potential sugar daddies fully. You can now upload videos of yourself to the dating site! This means finding a sugar daddy date just got easier.

Make sure that all your information, including statuses, appearances, lifestyle, and bio is available. When everything is finally in place, your profile can be considered as 100% complete.

3.How to make contact

Establishing communication on the BeNaughty online dating website is not hard at all. You can use the abundant chat rooms to reach out to as many people as possible. In these chat rooms, you can speak freely, ‘BeNaughty’ however you want.

You can have sexual conversations without a problem. This helps to build connections between users. However, you may not share personal details, such as phone numbers. If you wish to talk more and on a personal level, you can use social media handles and emails.

Other than finding your sugar daddy or sugar mommy through chat rooms, you can use the easy to navigate search engine. Many features were incorporated that help you to broaden or narrow your search. All this depends on your filters and specifications.

BeNaughty did a little favor to women; as a sugar baby, you can send messages at no cost. However, men will have to pull out their wallets to make this work. After all, they are sugar daddies. If you don’t have money to pay for your account, you can still draw your crush’s attention by sending them “winks.” You can also add them to the “favorite” list to chat when it becomes convenient.

For those who spend much of their time on the site, BeNaughty also added an interesting free game called “cute or not.” This game allows you to swipe through sugar babies to choose which ones are your type.

Although these freebies are okay, you have to strive to get a paid membership plan to enjoy the full benefits of this site.

BeNaughty Costs and Prices

BeNaughty Sugar Daddy Prices.

The BeNaughty Review defines that free-users can have access to profile pictures, a free search, winks, and favoriting features. If you are a sugar baby, you can also enjoy free chats.

However, you might be missing out on so many good features that come with paid accounts. Regular paid-membership plans will give you access to full albums of other users. You can also see the needs and preferences of these members.

If you come across a sugar daddies with needs that are aligned with yours, you can contact them right away.

If you have a paid account, you also have the privilege to post your media, such as videos and images. This makes your profile more appealing. You can attract your dream sugar baby or sugar daddy in no time.

Other features you can benefit are:

  • Blocking annoying users;
  • Access to the mobile application;
  • Ability to rate users in the “Likes Gallery.”
  • Ability to see who has liked your matches or you particularly.

Relative to other dating sites, BeNaughty is quite affordable. You can decide to make a subscription for a month, three months, and six months. The price for a month membership is higher, over $27.01, while that for a three-month membership is just $15.15/month. If you’re interested in getting the long term membership of six months, you will pay only $12.24 monthly.

When you have a premium account, you will have full access to BeNaughty site features. Your profile will be placed higher in search results and you can also enjoy the live camera and featured shows.

BeNaughty will treat you like VIP and do most of the searching work for you. The system will automatically send winks and messages on your behalf to potential sugar babies. In the end, it will also put them on your friend list.

Mobile App

BeNaughty Sugar Daddy Dating App Look.

The BeNaughty mobile application is excellent, although not yet very popular. It was designed with a minimalist theme, which provides a clear and appropriate front-end.

The company incorporated all the features that are on its website in the application. You will not miss anything that’s relevant. Rather, you will enjoy benefits such as a smooth user experience.

Playing the game ‘cute or not’ on the application is much more fascinating than on the website. Everything is enhanced, the graphics, the profile pictures, and other functionalities.

Presently, only android users have access to the application. The iOS version is not yet available. The BeNaughty Android mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Playstore for free.

It’s everyone’s hope that BeNaughty will release the iOS mobile application soon. Accessibility is critical when it comes to online dating platforms.

What My Clients Say About BeNaughty

BeNaughty Sugar Babbies List.

Most of the features on this site are quite remarkable. A significant number of clients testify to how they positively benefited from its services.

David C., London, 45

“I commend the site for its great customer support and comprehensive features. I’ve been looking for a sugar baby to spend a good time with after 3 months of divorce. A friend recommended me to try one of the dating sites online. At first, I was skeptical, but after stumbling upon BeNaughty and reviewing their prices, they were so affordable that I was tempted to try.”

Regular Joe, 35

I see it as a good hook up platform. I love it for the fair prices,really. And you know, some of us don’t really want any commitments, we just want to explore and have fun. It is my case and I recently found several sugar babies here. Thanks to the app, I now can spend time with them. I would definitely recommend it to my friends so that they could find potential dates as well. Of course, there are those who don’t like the particular dating approach, but,first, try it and then, trash it.

While sugar daddies are enjoying their time with BeNaughty, Sugar babies also have amazing stories to tell. A BeNaughty client extolled the site for having enabled her to find a sugar daddy so easily and swiftly:

Melzee, from the USA

“After going through a financial crisis at college, I knew I needed to step up and find a mature man who could support me. Fortunately, BeNaughty happened to be just what I was looking for. After joining, I dated 2 men but the relationships did not turn out how she expected. However, the third date I am currently on, changed everything!”

Conclusions: Is BeNaughty a Good Sugar Daddy Site?

For sure, BeNaughty can be regarded as a competitive online dating site on the internet. It provides a variety of features that include a range of communication options. In this regard, users with premium accounts benefit more special treats. They can easily find potential partners with the help of the system.

The site also did an amazing job of giving women a free pass on messaging. This saw a boost in the activity of females on the site. Eventually, entertainment is a given.

Furthermore, developing the Android mobile app allowed the dating site to be accessible on-the-go. It’s now much easier for users to keep track of the activities on sight and arrange their encounters. In the end, despite some negative comments, there are great functions and high convenience with the premium account. Thus, you’d better try BeNaughty and take the best of this online dating app.