Elite Singles Review

The EliteSingles platform is a professional online dating site, which you can use to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy. It is efficient in matchmaking as it asks questions not only about how you look physically but what you’re like as a person. However, you probably wonder how to make your profile find a sugar baby match. The EliteSingles Review would introduce you to the world of a revolutionary app with all its features, pros and cons, as well as provide some guidance on how to do it right.

Is EliteSingles Good?

ElitesSingles Sugar Daddy Online Dating Platform.

EliteSingles is a superior online dating site for professional, educated, and committed sugar babies and sugar daddies. The platform is a matchmaker service that suggests matches based on in-depth personality surveys. Considered one of the US’ top dating sites for educated singles who are searching for a serious relationship, the platform offers singles the opportunity to find genuine love through internet dating.

Is it good? It depends wholly on what it is that you’re searching for. If it’s just casual relations and easy hook-ups, then the online dating platform is unfortunately not for you. However, if you’re looking for a serious, long-term relationship, definitely the site is the place to be. It has modern mechanisms to connect the minds and hearts, which is definitely a new way to find a potential sugar baby effortlessly.

Key Features

EliteSingles Online Sugar Daddy Dating Features.

The platform is a basic site that has the requisite features you may need for a cut above and faster matchmaking adventure. Despite these features not being unique to the site, they are still up to serve their purpose and are fairly useful for the site users.

Personality Analysis: the site boasts the detailedness of its user’s profiles. Here is a  “Big Five” personality Dimension Analysis. The “Big Five’ are Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Openness. They aim to determine compatibility between members.

Match Recommendation: the platform has an intuitive way of finding you the finest match. Day-to-day, you get match recommendations based on relationship preferences, location, as well as answers to the questionnaire.

Advanced Search: This feature affords you to filter your match focusing on age, desire to have kids, drinking habits, education, height, income, location, etc..

Have You Met?: this features a list of people that the platform has generated. It normally has profiles that you possibly missed while checking your match recommendations.

Wildcard Matches: This is a feature for a premium membership; it allows paid members to get 20 extra matches every other day.

Favorites List: this feature allows you to recall easily and visit the profiles that have left a good inkling on you.

Elite Singles Magazine: It allows you to read insights and get advice from the dating experts.

Pros and Cons

EliteSingles Sugar Daddies Match.

As any service, the EliteSingles website has its benefits and limitations. One may see the focus on matchmaking as a huge advantage, but it brings some gaps as well, like the one referring to sugar baby search function. Check the list of all of them below:


  • The site’s dedicated team vets all profile updates and photo uploads before they appear on the site.
  • The platform is designed for the USA, it provides matchmaking services for couples based in the USA.
  • It offers intelligent matchmaking services.
  • It has a supportive customer care team.
  • The mobile app is convenient for fast connections.
  • You can choose either a free membership or premium packages.
  • Good online safety tools.


  • The platform eliminates profiles that haven’t been active for a long while.
  • It is not a site for the informal dater.
  • Search options are lacking as the site does the matchmaking.
  • Full features are restricted to Premium Membership.
  • The platform automatically renews your paid premium membership before it expires.


ElitesSingles Intelligent Sugar Baby Profile.

The platform has millions of users from all across the world. The site maintains an advanced network of young professionals looking for a relationship. It has a united relationship-minded skilled populace of all ages, races, religions, and sex.

The bulk singles on the platform are well educated, with around 87%, or two-thirds of users have acquired a Bachelor’s degree and 80% higher. Site users are mostly from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The bulk of members are between the ages of 30 and 55, with the majority being men from ages 30 and above.

Its membership is diverse, seeing that the site is widely used by a population from all over the globe. The platform unites relationship-minded professionals from all ages, races, and religions, and sex. 90% of the site users are searching for a long term relationship.

There is no room for games on the platform; it is a professional platform for committed men and women. There are close to 2 million people from the UK, 5,000,000 from the USA, and 30 million worldwide people using the platform. The site traffic is quite active, with 900,000 users active weekly.

The site population has a close to equal gender distribution, with a ratio of 56% women to 44% men. Approximately 27% of Elite Singles members are between 25 and 34, and 53% are between 35 and 54. On average, Just as the title defines “elite,” the platform is home to the dating pool’s cream.

On the platform, you will find educated men and women who are worth to be called sugar daddies mummies, or sugar babies. They come to the site searching for a much-educated partner, someone with the same high standards.

EliteSingles Guide

The ordinary websites for sugar daddies and babies require time and effort to find that only one. However, EliteSingles provides a different solution. Finding a sugar baby becomes really easy. Intead, it just takes a lot of your time and patience to complete the sign-up. The site also does nearly everything for you when it comes to matchmaking. It makes use of its intelligent surveys that use personal information to find you an ideal match one that is compatible with you. Our EliteSingles review presents some tips for you to follow:

1. How to register

Since the site prides itself on matchmaking users with the same intellectual and financial history, the signing-up process is much lengthier and time-consuming compared with other dating sites. There are three key steps to register, and it’s pretty simple to do, despite the time it takes.

Register:  the registration requires filling out some basic information like age, sex, and location. By replying to a few simple questions, you finetune the Search for your possible matches.

Undertake the personality test: There are questions to answer at this point; these are the key to assisting you in getting matched-up with compatible matches. The questions will require you to rate yourself against statements, whether it is completely applicable to you, slightly applicable, or doesn’t apply at all.

One will be questioned about his/her characteristics; whether you always follow a plan if you seek adventure; if you leave clutter around your home if you feel stress easily, and other questions such as, “How will you describe yourself or your behavior” After replying to these questionnaires, you should go to a page where you can find a list of members who are compatible with your answers.

Complete your search preferences: the ideal age, likes, dislikes, and how far your potential sugar baby match should be from your location. The deeper your answers, the better your matches will be.

Once completed, you’ll start receiving matches that take all the information you’ve provided into consideration.

2. Create an effective profile

To create an eye-catching profile, put some pondering into your answers. Feature your most attractive qualities, and keep your replies short and full with specific details that will catch his attention and make him inquisitive to know more about you.

When you’re done with the dots, you’ll have an opportunity to upload photos. Presented with the ability to use up to 24 photos, it is wise to aim for a range of 3 to 7 since you can’t showcase yourself in one and more than that is just not necessary.

Up next, you’ll be given 7 profile questions to describe things like “Which of your qualities do you think stand out in particular,” and “In which places or situations do you feel most comfortable.” Tell stories that show traits like bravery, courage, and willingness to take good risks. Also, don’t forget to add some DIY skills you have.

The About Me portion is a group of fields to fill out, like “How I describe myself” and “What my partner should know about me.” The likes & dislikes section provides you a list of statements concerning your partner, from which you pick the ten that are most important to you and the ten you dislike most in a relationship. Here it will be wise to be yourself and truthful.

3. How to make contact

Making contact with prospective matches is quite simple. If you’re using the basic services, click ‘Like’ on the user’s profile and use the five questions feature. The feature uses five pre-populated questions to help you get you acquainted with your match a little better. For the premium membership, one can send his/her match a standard message and use the five questions or send him/her as many emails as you please.

There are many ways to make contact with your matches on the platform. You are allowed to like and comment on your matches’ profile photos. However, most of its features are only available for those with a premium membership, mainly those involving any two-way communication.

Nonetheless, if you’re a basic member, the platform allows you to send winks to your matches. One can also use a search filter for convenient browsing.

Features like sending, reading, and replying to emails are unfortunately available only to premium membership. If a user does not have a premium membership, they cannot reply to a premium user that sent them an email unless they upgrade to a premium member. Premium members also have the privilege to be prioritized and highlighted.

The platform also offers a feature that is a bit similar to the swiping feature available on other online sugar daddy dating sites. This is the “Have You Met?” section. This page presents you with an overview of a person’s profile. From there, you choose whether you like them or not by selecting the wink or the X icon.

EliteSingles Costs and Prices

EliteSingles Sugar Daddy Online Dating Prices.

The online dating platform has both free basic and paid premium membership. However, paid membership offers a finer and much comprehensive service. As a free member, you can see the profiles of your suggested matches, however, you won’t be able to see their profile pictures. Their pictures remain blurred until you sign up for a paid premium plan.

Basic membership also gets an alert when a user views their profile page, and they have the facility to ‘like’ other users. Furthermore, you can complete and personalize your profile, all at no cost.

However, when you subscribe to premium membership, the services will offer you a greater chance to find a compatible match.

As a premium member, one can:

  • See and view profile pictures.
  • See who has visited your page.
  • Send messages and receive notifications that let you know when they have been read.
  • Get 20 ‘Wild Card’ matches each day.
  • And all the basic membership can do.

The online dating site’s premium features circle around matchmaking. There are three subscription packages to select from. There is Premium Light, Premium Classic, and Premium Comfort, which in the real sense, is a grouping based on the duration of time. You can choose to purchase the premium for 3, 6, or 12 months depending on your budget. But paying for premium comfort is relatively cheaper.

Duration 3 months 6 months 12 months
Cost per month $57.95 $44.95 $31.95

Mobile App

EliteSingles App for Sugar Daddies.

EliteSingles has a mobile app that is free to download from the App Store or on Google Play. It is finely designed and is easy to use. The EliteSingles app contains all the basic functions that are on its desktop version. Using the app, you can register, start communication, create lists, like profiles.

When you download the app from a third party store, there are things you need to check in order to install it.

  • Before you can install the app on your phone, you will have to make sure that third-party apps are accepted on your device. To enable this feature, the steps are mostly similar to the below.
  • Open Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to permit your phone to install apps from third-party sources
  • Once the above steps are complete, you can go to the “Downloads” in your browser and select the downloaded apk file once. It will start to show the.

What my Clients Say About EliteSingles

EliteSingles Sugar Daddies Comments.

Interestingly, there are many positive pieces of feedback regarding the work and imapct of the EliteSingles platform. Let’s check them to make sure that it actually works.

Rob, 47

I have used other dating sites, but almost without success. Elite Singles has given me at least 1 long term relationship. Moreover, they value security and thoroughly search for fake accounts and delete them quickly, so whenever you receive a smile or a message, almost all of the time, it’s legit!

Grace, 25

Worth every penny. I don’t want to think about the emotional energy and time I’ve spent entertaining catfishers (POF, match.com, militarysingles, zoosk, cupid etc.). I wish I could put a price on that frustration! My personal experience is meeting, real, educated, emotionally mature, and successful men. I would suggest opening up your search distance because 3 of the men I met have their own private planes & distance wasn’t an object & they seemed more open to taking time to get to know you (maturity). I can only speak to my own personal experience and hope the site maintains its integrity in the future. If time, quality & peace of mind is important, then it’s worth every penny. No guarantees when it comes to love, but it’s a less risky gamble!!!!   

Alan, 39

I started using EliteSingles upon the decision that it was the moment for finding a relationship for me to commit to. I had always thought about my career since my early 30’s, and I had no time for a relationship. Thus, I just dated here and there. When I turned 38, my decision was to check the online websites, but on most of them, I lacked a connection with women and sugar babies. I really appreciate a sharp mind, so when I saw that EliteSingles had a high proportion of highly educated sugar babies, I decided to give it a go. I matched with a number of women in the first few weeks, and after starting a conversation with a few, I realized one was very similar to me, and we decided to meet up. On our first date, we chatted for 4 hours about anything and everything and really ‘clicked’. We’ve been dating for 18 months, and on our overseas holiday next month, I plan to propose!


EliteSingles is a great option for educated singles that are actively searching for a committed relationship, not for one seeking a casual relationship. The platform has intelligent matching features and a detailed profile setup. It is focused on targeting elite sugar babies, with the bulk of its members having attained a bachelor’s degree. The much detailed personality survey drives quality matches. As a result of its high standards and high-class features, the platform attracts a mature dating crowd, like sugar daddies and sugar mommies. Anyone interested in finding a high-quality date will feel right at home here. If you think you’re ready for a serious commitment, then you can consider Elite Singles.