RichMeetBeautiful Review

RichMeetBeautiful is undoubtedly the go-to sugar online dating platform if you live in Europe. How so? It derives from the options and functions it provides, as well as the costs and opportunities. In the particular RichMeetBeautiful Review, you will see the peculiarities of the platform, its features and why you should give it a try.

Is RichMeetBeautiful Good?

RichMeetBeautiful online sugar dating.

RichMeetBeautiful, founded in 2017, is a leading sugar daddy dating platform in Europe. The dating site targets sugar daddies and sugar mommies who are looking for adorable and young sugar babies. It answers their needs of having someone to care for and love them and, at the same time, provides the pleasure and satisfaction they desire.

RichMeetBeautiful is a nice option for sugar babies and daddies due to the prevalence of the good sides over the bad ones. You will certainly like the idea that it is free of charge for sugar babies to communicate. In addition to that, everyone loves anonymity options. Nonetheless, like other dating websites, it still requires additional features and more sugar babies on the site. Despite it, the platform’s success offers every user some hope. To verify if this is the ideal dating platform you are looking for, you can switch to the features and see the options hands-on.

Key Features

Richmeetbeautiful sugar dating main features.

The dating site is up-to-date and elegant in each and every aspect, it has many useful refined features. Some need premium membership, while others are accessible even free of cost. The following are the key ones:

Featured Users: this option gives you the ability to see the most popular members in your vicinity. These members have made an effort to boost their level of popularity to 100%.

Visits: this one provides you a list of the profiles you have visited before and those who have checked you out. Viewing of those you have checked is free of cost, while viewing those who have checked you out requires a subscription.

Gifts: this function allows members to send and view gifts, but you need to have some credits. The latter are available only when you have ½  and 1 year subscription plans.

Favorites: this feature allows you to add users whose profiles have awed you to your favorite list. However, to see who has added you to their favorites list, you need to subscribe to a premium membership.

Winks: Just like in the previous feature, you can send winks, but you can’t see those who are flirting with you unless you buy a subscription.

Private Keys: this feature permits members to ask for another user; this means a sugar daddy or mama can request for a sugar baby or toyboy. However, it is possible only with a premium membership to any of the plans.

Blog: this feature acquaints you with the sugar daddy and baby relationships and offers tips and expectations.

Pros and Cons

Richmeetbeautiful sugar baby membership.

Like any poduct or service, the particular platform has some benefits as well as limitations. Our RichMeetBeautiful Review presents some of them:


  • There are many users from around the world in different demographics. (Users are from all over the world who represent the developed countries of Europe and North America)
  • It is sugar dating specific (Whether you’re an experienced sugar daddy, or just start being one, it will suit your interests)
  • There is more than one way to show you’re interested in someone (gifts, winks, favorites)
  • There is a high rate of success approximately 88% (it is a strong argument for giving it a try)
  • Sugar babies communicate free of charge (a nice privilege to find a sugar daddy)
  • It has strong and helpful customer support.
  • Available Mobile Apps (both Android and IOs)


  • Private browsing requires a premium subscription.
  • Messaging and viewing profiles are only for premium members
  • Slight disproportion between men and women (However, we doubt it will become a great deal)


richmeetbeautiful sugar babies and daddies.

The website serves its purpose, defining the membership. The members are focused on sugar daddy/mama and sugar baby relations. Thus, the membership on the online platform is divided amongst rich men, women, sugar babies, or toyboys. The dating site welcomes all individuals from all walks of life, no matter their location and income and depends on their role.

Interestingly, as RichMeetBeautiful was founded in Europe, most of its members are from European countries. At the same time, there are more than 1,000,000 members from the United States and more than 3 million members around the world. The majority of American sugar daddies happen to be men 30 and older, making it ideal for sugar babies.

Another factor that can be good for sugar babies is that the site has a gender proportion of 65% males to 35% female. For young sugar daddies and mommies, there are as well a lot of options. The statistics say that there is an equal distribution of age demographics for males and females between 18-24 years, whilst there is a far more uneven distribution of older males to females between the ages of 25-55+ with more older men than women. It seems that there are better chances for sugar babies to find their sugar daddy or mommy due to this slight disproportion.

However, the chances are still high, as the website hosts 60,000 active members every week. It means that you can find your potential partner even if there is a disparity in rich sugar daddies and sugar babies. You should have no doubts, successful and rich sugar daddies and mommies are normally up for fun and excitement. Everything depends on your actions!

RichmeetBeautiful Guide

RichmeetBeautiful services are far easier to use than one could imagine. The platform has an excellent search system that makes it easy to search for a couple. Searching for someone to talk to right away isn’t very hard. Every member who’s currently logged in is shown.

The standard search feature lets you search based on where a member lives, how old they are, whether they have photos, as well as a more complex search option. One can either conduct a simple search or an advanced one. As per the simple search, the filters available are age, location, and photo availability. As per the advanced search, filters include annual income, net worth, lifestyle, and sex drive. One can also search directly by name.

To use these systems, you should know how to create an account and customize your profile. Here are several steps to follow:

1.How to Sign-Up

The signing-up process is simple. You can sign-up with your email. All you need to do is fill in your username, email address, gender, password, and birthday. Also, the registration process is straight to the point, as there are no off-putting or awkward questions asked as most sites do. The only thing is when you are asked to state your income and net worth.

The other good thing about the registration is, one can sign in as an anonymous person by just stating your gender and if you’re interested in men or women. All you need to do is answer a series of questions that will be asked as well as pass the security question; then you are good to go.

For added convenience, one can set up his or her account through Facebook. When you join, you’ll be including very basic information. Generating a username and password is also required. Then, you can focus on photos. The photos can come from your PC/desktop and from social media sites like Facebook.

Once complete, you’ll get an email informing you to verify your account. This is the last process to complete the registration. Upon confirming, you have the choice to either complete your profile or do something else. The other details may be added or changed later.

2. Create an effective profile.

RichMeetBeautiful being a popular site, appeals to many new users through its fast and easy registration process. One can register a profile in just a few minutes, and there’s no necessity to wait for moderators or admins to approve your account.

RichMeetBeautiful profiles contain a good amount of details. When you window-shop accounts, you should be able to determine what a user’s intentions are easily. A lot can also be deduced from the photos. Both free and premium users can view pictures.

There are things you can do to make yourself feel safer on RichMeetBeautiful. There’s the feature to set your profile to private. One can also use tools that help obscure or distort your face, in case you don’t want yourself to be unmasked. However, one might get more interest and messages if he/she shows the face.

Below is the information to include in your profile:

Appearance:  this includes information about the looks, such as body type, height, weight, best feature, etc.

Background and lifestyle: this includes things such as education, diet, languages, drinking habits, sex drive, etc.

Interests: This information you can choose from a list such as movies, museums, shopping, etc.

Personality: this includes who you are as a person: active, caring, extrovert/introvert, etc.

What turns you on: you can list things such as intelligence, sense of humor, teasing, etc.

About you: write some words about yourself. It is highly recommended that you write something about yourself.

What you’re looking for: write specifically about what you’re looking for at RichMeetBeautiful.

3. How to make contact

  • You can use search filters on the platform, which are exhaustive enough.
  • The platform displays members who are presently online.
  • Communication is only possible through subscription to premium membership
  • Only sugar babies/toyboys can have a channel for sending and viewing of messages for free
  • Unfortunately, the platform only has search options and no match suggestions

The online dating platform does not have contact proposals. One needs to endeavor to find a potential sugar daddy. If you are the sugar daddy, you need to find channels on how you’ll be able to meet and drive/fly home the sexy and beautiful sugar baby/toyboy of your taste. Nonetheless, the usage of its search bar is free.

In order to flirt with your chosen member or anyone actively, you need to subscribe to the premium membership. However, if you are a sugar baby, you can send and receive messages for free. Without a subscription, you only get the opportunity to view their profiles, but you cannot interact with them until you upgrade.

When messaging, one should also be mindful of their messages. Make it a point you’re not just dashing off the same general template to everyone. This will be noticed right through very quickly. Sift through each profile and decide how to get their attention, once you have determined you’d be in a position to get along with each other.

RichMeetBeautiful Costs and Prices

Richmeetbeautiful onlinde dating prices.

One can sign up to RichMeetBeautiful free of cost. With no time limitation, everyone can use his/her free membership for as long as possible. However, to attain full access, you will need to upgrade to the premium membership. If you’re a Sugar Baby, you’ll automatically attain premium membership on RichMeetBeautiful for free when you sign up.

Free services

When you’re a free user, you have access to profiles and viewing photos, as well as posting yours and sending winks. However, you message if you’re a sugar daddy/mama with a free account. Except for sugar babies, with a free account, they can do everything, even making contact.

RichMeetBeautiful’s founders are aware that their members are quite well-off, as reflected by the prices for a paid membership. Registering up for a year reduces the charge as compared to having a one-month premium subscription. If you’re an active user, you must not have any doubts about signing up for a paid account.

Premium services


1 month

3 months

6 months

12 months

Per month










With the premium account, you can do everything a free account can do and much more. You can send and read messages, view your visits, view flirts, and gifts. You can also impress a member you’re interested in by sending them virtual gifts. This can be a great option for your ultimate role as a sugar daddy/mama.

Through the premium account, you’ll also be eligible to look out for who’s been looking at your profile, probably someone you’ve been looking up to or who suits your desires. A RichMeetBeautiful premium account is a weighty investment, but one you’ll find to be efficient.

The sugar dating site utilizes anonymous billing all the time for your discretion. This means that your personal and account details, including your identity, are fully protected.

Mobile App

Richmeetbeautiful online dating app.


RichMeetBeautiful has a mobile app that is compatible with Android and Apple products. It is available on Google Play for Android phones and on iTunes for Apple products. The app can be downloaded and installed from the respective app stores easily on your phone.

When you download it from a third-party website, there are things you need to check in order to install it.

  • Before you can install RichMeetBeautiful apk on your phone, you will have to make sure that third-party apps are accepted on your device. To enable this feature, the steps are mostly similar to the below.
  • Open Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to permit your phone to install apps from third-party sources
  • Once the above steps are complete, you can go to the “Downloads” in your browser and select the downloaded apk file once. It will start to show the installation prompt asking for permission, and you can follow the steps to install it from there

When the installation is complete, you can start using the RichMeetBeautifu app as you normally do.

What my Clients Say About RichMeetBeautiful

The RichMeetBeautiful Review incorporates the comments of the sugar daddies who had certain sugar dating experience on the website. As you see, the majority of them are good.

Michael, 51

I work as a mentor and CEO. I have always gone out with girls 18-25 approximately. I have been sugar dating for decades. Having used many sugar dating sites, RichMeetBeautiful is by far the best I have ever used. I’ve been registered as a premium member since early 2018. All this time, I enjoy the app and communication with my sugar babies. I realized that RichMeetBeautiful is the sole site I have joined where there is genuine customer service value and feedback. I’ve found the quality of members is quite higher and more genuine than on many major competitor’s platforms.

Richard, 47

I am a successful entrepreneur and must say RichMeetBeautiful is quickly expanding in the UK. It happened as a result of recent publicity in major newspaper articles and a BBC Radio broadcast. I can tell you if you are serious about sugar dating in the UK, then RichMeetBeautiful is by far the best place to be. Unlike some other platforms, the membership is fresh and not jaded. There’s a great chance of meeting with a sugar baby, a woman who is studying or gonna be an entrepreneur, not the typical ‘bimbo’ profile at all. I’ve already met new sugar babies, experienced many interesting replies, lots of conversations, and had some fun. I highly recommend RichMeetBeautiful to all young women who want to explore the sugar lifestyle securely. The same applies to men who want to meet more real young women who do actually want to date older successful men.

Harley, 25

Until I discovered RichMeetBeautiful, I was convinced that it would ever be possible to find a nice sugar daddy. This platform has more than met my expectations. I like so many aspects of this platform, of paramount importance is that they make sure member profiles are legit. I’m 25 years old and happy to say that I’ve got a sugar daddy thanks to RichMeetBeautiful.


Richmeetbeautiful dating features..

RichMeetBeautiful has truly come a long way. From being a newcomer under the sugar dating bay just recently, it has already become one of the leading sugar dating platforms to date. I can say that it’s one of the finest sites for any type of online sugar daddy dating out there. What’s most impressive about it is that it doesn’t mollify its purpose. It aims to assist wealthy, successful, and older men and women looking for fun.

On the other hand, it also gives opportunities for sugar babies who want someone to help them attain a successful life. Others may think that it is only a money-making endeavor, but all who have already found and are still searching for their perfect match think otherwise. For them, this dating site is the ideal place that can assist them in gaining either their wildest dreams or professional goals.

So, this is the go-to platform if you want a perfect match for a relationship based on respect, passion, intellect, love, and mutual benefit. The final decision is in your hands.