Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement online dating platform is one of the tools that might have helped me find my sugar daddy and start a different life. If you ask me, I’ll say that the Seeking Arrangement website is a place you can fully trust. That is why I decided to make a detailed Seeking Arrangement Review, having in mind all the factors of a worthy sugar daddy platform.

We will look at the primary aspects of using this American sugar daddy platform, identify pros and cons, and learn several essential tips. Following individual steps, you will be able to succeed and discover your potential sugar daddy or sugar baby within a short period of time.

Why Seeking Arrangement Good According to a Detailed Seeking Arrangement Review?

Seeking Arrangement Website Review.

Before all, Seeking Arrangement is an American dating platform for sugar babies and sugar daddies created in 2006. Since then, the dating website has launched numerous services and features. How good is it? Trust me, it’s good. Today, it allows people worldwide to discover their dates and communicate with sugar babies and rich sugar daddies.

Having my sugar daddy story in mind, I am sure this Seeking Arrangement Review helps other men and women find their ones. After using numerous dating apps, I managed to find my sugar daddy and live a happy life. Now, I am here to give you a detailed guide, whether you want to discover a potential sugar baby or sugar daddy.

Key Features

Seeking Arrangement Diamond Club

As for today, the Seeking Arrangement online dating platform has various features and services. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that all those services are available to registered members only. So let’s see what services are available on the dating source:

  • Video chat. In virtual dating, there should be various communication tools,  while video chat significantly contributes to interaction. Video chat is usually a premium feature, but it is definitely worth paying. Registered members that communicate with each other can enhance their experience by making video calls.
  • Diamond Membership available. If you are planning to spend a significant amount of money on Seeking Arrangement services, you’d better purchase a Diamond Membership. It is separate VIP membership with exclusive features for sugar daddies and sugar mommas. You can buy it only if you have reached specific criteria set by the dating platform.
  • Blog. Seeking Arrangement online dating platform features a useful blog, where certain essential topics and aspects of sugar daddy dating are discussed.

Among other things, the developers of Seeking Arrangement emphasized the importance of communication tools, having created a convenient chatroom for registered members.

Seeking Arrangement Review: Pros and Cons

SeekinArrangement features.

Just like any other dating source, Seeking Arrangement appears to have its positive sides and possible drawbacks. To create an honest Seeking Arrangement Review, I made sure to feature both pros and cons to produce a real picture of the dating platform.


  • A wide range of services and features offered to both sugar babies and sugar daddies.
  • After creating a profile, you can send up to ten messages without paying.
  • If you are sugar daddy, you can engage with many potential sugar babies of all ages.
  • A private gallery of pictures available.
  • The users can set personal profiles to private, granting access to particular individuals only.


  • Mobile application is available for Android users only.
  • There might be fake profiles and scammers.
  • Most features are available to Premium or VIP members only.
  • Verification process required.

Nevertheless, Seeking Arrangement creates a convenient environment, allowing building intimate relationships remotely.

Seeking Arrangement Review: Membership

Seeking Arrangement Sugar Baby Profile.

Nowadays, Seeking Arrangement hosts a vast international community of single men and women. Here, you can meet rich sugar daddies and sugar mommas that will provide you financial help and will be great life companions. At the moment of writing Seeking Arrangement Review, the platform includes approximately ten million active members, more than half of which originates from the United States.

Because of such an audience, Seeking Arrangement distinguishes Successful members, the Sugar Daddies or Mommas, and Attractive Members, the Sugar Babies. When it comes to the age of registered members, most sugar babies are usually women of the age of 25, whereas potential sugar daddies appear to be just a bit older. Sugar daddies and Sugar mommas on Seeking Arrangement dating platform are usually the owners of big businesses that make a significant profit. It means that they are ready to spend their money on someone, giving help, or supporting a particular sugar baby.

If you are on Seeking Arrangement as a Sugar daddy, you will be provided with stunning Sugar babies from all over the world. Firstly, you can use the search engine to discover girls of a specific physical appearance, or other crucial parameters. Many sugar babies are young girls that are looking for someone to provide them with financial help to pay college/University tuition.

On the other hand, when it comes to sugar daddies and sugar mommas, some of them are just into taking care of someone. Thus, after getting to know each other better and finding out that they have lots of things in common, the users manage to create sincere relationships and form a new life.

Seeking Arrangement Guide

Writing my detailed Seeking Arrangement Review, I decided to create a short guide for all new members of Seeking Arrangement. The dating platform offers various services. Thus, it is vital to know how to get access to them and what role they play in sugar dating online. If you follow this guide’s steps, you would create your account and may find your sugar baby or sugar daddy/mommy.

1. How to Sign-Up

Becoming the customer of the Seeking Arrangement sugar dating platform is absolutely free. Upon registration, only essential information is required. It includes:

  • The gender of a new member.
  • Your interests (whether you are looking for dating women, or men, or both).
  • Type of account you are signing up for (Sugar baby, Sugar daddy/mommy).

Moreover, upon registration, you can set the amount of money to be spent on you by any potential sugar daddy or sugar mommy. Or how much your budget is if you are here to date sugar babies. Also, it is necessary to provide an email address to get verified. College students can use the email address of the facility they study at, so as to easily upgrade their membership to Premium.

Seeking Arrangement has obligatory background checks for those members who want to upgrade their personal profiles to Premium or purchase VIP membership. The background check is usually performed by an independent third-party company, Optimum Screening. Moreover, you will have to pay a particular amount of money. Upon passing the check, you will receive a badge that will be displayed on your personal profile, showing that you are a reliable user.

2. Create effective profile

Creating Seeking Arrangement Review, I made sure to include all the aspects that will lead to the desired date success on the dating platform. First of all, making an attractive profile is crucial if you want to draw the attention of your potential partner, sugar baby or sugar daddy.

Fortunately, the Seeking Arrangement dating platform features rich and detailed set-up services, allowing its registered members to share different information. It includes physical parameters, religion, ethnicity, spoken languages, and other essential details. You can also write a short description about yourself and upload your beautiful photos.

When it comes to uploading pictures to your profile, keep in mind that they have to be approved by the Seeking Arrangement system within 24 hours. If the system says they are not yours, there will be no posting. All the users can have a private gallery, giving access to a particular user only. Moreover, the profile can be upgraded to private so that it will not be available publicly unless you give permission to someone.

The personal profile has a Recent activity section that can be hidden if you upgrade to Premium only. Adding and editing your information on the profile, as well as adding photos, are always free.

3. How to make contact

Seeking Arrangement online dating platform provides various communication services, including video chat and messenger. But making the first contact if you are a new user can be a bit challenging.

First of all, you will need to find the user you want to contact. Whether it is sugar baby or sugar daddy, you can use an extensive search engine provided by Seeking Arrangement. It allows searching for users based on common interests and intentions. A registered member can use the search engine to set certain characteristics of his or her potential partner:

  • Hair color.
  • Height.
  • Weight.
  • Drinking/Smoking habits.
  • Occupation.
  • City.
  • Country.
  • Spoken languages.

When it comes to Premium Seeking Arrangement members, they can search other users based on their net worth, income, relationship status, and other additional parameters.

The messaging tools are available to the users that have at least one approved profile picture. However, if you have upgraded your account to Premium, you can contact with other Seeking Arrangement members without any profile approval.

After satisfying search results, you can send a message to the user directly, or add him or her to the Favorites list. It is all free for registered members with verified profile pictures.

Seeking Arrangement Review: Cost and Prices

Seeking Arrangement prices review.

Like I said before in my Seeking Arrangement Review, the mentioned online sugar dating platform has two types of members. Therefore, the website makes sure to offer separate beneficial plans and subscriptions for its audience.

You can use the service for free, as well. But it usually has a limited number of services. Moreover, you will only be able to send free messages if you already have a profile and photo uploaded and approved by the Seeking Arrangement dating source. As for today, free services of Seeking Arrangement are:

  • Chat services.
  • Search engine and match search.
  • Personal profile set-up.
  • Registration process.

The members can upgrade their accounts to Premium, but the most beneficial subscription is a Diamond one.

Premium subscription for Sugar daddies and Sugar mommas is available for approximately $90 per month, but if you decide to purchase a three-month subscription, you will pay just $80 per month. Premium subscription for sugar babies is available for $20 per month, whereas a three-month one equals $45 in total. Premium members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Additional private options available (making personal profile private, creating private photo gallery).
  • No ads.
  • Advanced search filters available.
  • The opportunity to read a message receipt.
  • Additional filters in the personal inbox.

Apart from offering a beneficial Premium subscription to the registered members of both genders, Seeking Arrangement dating platform features separate VIP membership, known as Diamond Membership. To be able to buy Diamond Membership, you will need to reach specific criteria, such as having been a Premium member for at least two months in a row, and having passed the background check. Diamond Membership is available to Sugar daddies, and Sugar mommies only, for approximately $250 per month.

Seeking Arrangement features safe and reliable payment methods, such as Credit Card, and PayPal.

Seeking Arrangement Review: Mobile App

Seeking Arrangment Mobile app.

As for today, the Seeking Arrangement online sugar daddy dating platform does have a separate mobile application. However, it is available for Android users only. You can download it for free by following the link on the website that will lead you to their official Google Store page. Seeking Arrangement mobile application is fully compatible with modern Android devices, featuring convenient and simple design.

When it comes to the availability of services, the mobile version does not distinguish from the desktop one. The developers of Seeking Arrangement considered that the website could be used by older people. Therefore, they created a user-friendly interface. The layout is smartly organized and is very simple. The size of the text font meets the needs of people of different age ranges, too. Moreover, the application uses GPS for search engines and match features.

When it comes to iOS users, they can still use the website on any mobile browser supported by Apple.

What My Clients Say About Seeking Arrangement

Writing a detailed Seeking Arrangement Review, I decided to feature a few reviews and feedbacks from my clients that became the members of the Seeking Arrangement dating website and got their own experience.

Lissa, 19

“I didn’t even know such things existed until I met Monica Martinez. I became the customer of Seeking Arrangement dating website as a sugar baby, not only to receive financial help from a potential sugar daddy, but also to meet new friends, and maybe find a potential partner. I was surprised to come across such a huge community full of interesting people from across the world. I enjoyed the thought of being supported by a sugar daddy, and was lucky to have found my sugar daddy”.

Frederick, 45

“I became a member of Seeking Arrangement as a sugar daddy because I realized I needed someone in my life I could take proper care of. I knew there were lots of girls that had no opportunity to pay their college tuitions, but they were good in person and deserved to receive such help. I am surprised Seeking Arrangement dating source has such a convenient set of services and additional features. Especially, when it comes to communication tools. Upon verification, you can message any potential sugar baby, getting to know each other better. The customer support of the dating source works perfectly well, providing quick and detailed responses to matter what the problem is”.

Kevin, 39

“I am a divorced man and was in lack of communication with interesting ladies. I also felt like there might be someone who needed financial help, and I was more than glad to provide some, only if I had the opportunity to discover an interesting company. Seeking Arrangement has tons of profiles, so there were not any problems finding them. I have already spent a significant amount of money, but those are the money that was spent wisely. Furthermore, I am glad they offer beneficial Premium membership with lots of useful features that I found very convenient for a long-term user.”

Seeking Arrangement Review Conclusion: Is Seeking Arrangement a Good Sugar Daddy Site?

Seeking Arrangement sugar baby.

Giving a few final words in my Seeking Arrangement Review, I need to mention that the website, as well as its separate mobile application, is available in seven foreign languages, meeting the needs of the customers from all over the world. Seeking Arrangement is a perfect choice if you are looking forward to sugar dating and hope that it will potentially lead to something more. The platform has managed to create a convenient and reliable environment, offering a broad spectrum of useful features and services. As a sugar daddy, you may spend a significant amount of money on this website, but in return, you will find stunning sugar babies and interesting women to talk to.

Once you set up a personal profile thoroughly, you can share any information and discover the partner you have something in common with. Seeking Arrangement is definitely worth trying if you are into something serious.