SugarDaddyForMe Review

Amidst any inconveniences you might have, you cannot forgo the gift of love. SugarDaddyForMe understands that you need to experience the pleasures of being in a relationship just like any other human being. However, how to be sure that it is the right online dating option.

Our SugarDaddyForMe review will show the main features, payment options and some recommendations on how to become a sugar daddy or baby.

Is SugarDaddyForMe Good?

SugarDaddyForMe online dating site.

Launched in 2004, SugarDaddyForMe is one of the most reputable niche online dating sites available today. You can say goodbye to loneliness the second you click on that login button. Depending on what you’re looking for, SugarDaddyForMe can be a great choice for you.

There, you have the opportunity to find any type of person you need. If you’re a Sugar Daddy or Mummy, you can easily find a potential sugar baby that gets the job done – whatever your desires are. With over 1,000 new profiles daily, convenience, and tools, be sure, SugarDaddyForMe is an excellent option.

Key Features

SugarDaddyForMe dating features.

The SugarDaddyForMe website comes with a number of features that make your searching experience much smoother.

These include:

Let’s Meet – with this option, you can quickly meet a potential sugar baby on the site. You simply have to make contact with the user. If you become interested and would like to further the relationship, then congrats. You can continue to discuss the arrangement of your relationship.

Sugar Daddy Forum – on this forum, you have access to real feedback from other sugar babies and sugar daddies. This option comes handy, especially if you’re a newbie on the platform. It will give you a chance to understand everything you need to know fully.

Certified Daddy – generally, this is a certification feature used by the company to verify your information. After a comprehensive analysis of your details, the site will provide you a top selection recommendation to potential sugar babies.

Other features you can have access to are:

  • Customized profile messages – you can post messages on your profile. These messages may be available to anyone who views your profile.
  • Privatized photo albums – it’s possible to hide your pictures from the public. This feature enables you to select which photos you want other members to view.

Pros and Cons

SugarDaddyForMe borwsing sugar babies.

Although SugarDaddyForMe is a prominent online dating site, it also has strengths and weaknesses.


  • It has plenty of sugar daddies from a variety of countries.
  • The signup process is relatively fast; it takes less than 2 minutes.
  • You have so many ways of showing your interest as a potential sugar daddy.
  • Browsing other member’s profiles is not charged. You do so for free.
  • It’s easy to navigate.
  • Meeting individuals on the basis of their interests and desires.
  • The membership plans are quite affordable.
  • The site gives you warnings about fraudsters.


  • No webcam chat.
  • It could use more features to narrow down to your preferred potential dates effectively.
  • The site has an outmoded website structure that uses undersized banners and cut-out png images.
  • Members have no access to an annual membership plan.
  • There are no discounts issued, even for consistent members.
  • Most of the users have few photos uploaded. Some don’t have any photos at all.
  • The price for the premium package is too high for this kind of service.


SugarDaddyForMe sugar baby.

The site claims to accrue over 2,000 new members on a daily basis. It’s not quite known whether these are new signups or Just logins.

The data obtained for the SugarDaddyForMe website revealed the following information (For USA).

  • 70% female and 30% male
  • Over 2,800,000 sugar babies
  • Over 1,200,000 sugar daddies
  • High activity among female users

If you want to become a member, you should know that the site is a place for affluent sugar daddies/mommies who are interested in pampering and spoiling young sugar babies. In turn, they get a shot at magical romantic adventures.

Additionally, you can find sugar babies who are trying to catch a break from immature boys. These women find boys of the same age tedious because they are always broke or do not have a bigger picture of life.

You can also find women looking for older men who can simply keep up with arranged relationships. These kinds of women are not after riches nor maturity. They just want a low maintenance relationship that doesn’t interfere with their lifestyles.

SugarDaddyForMe succeeds in getting a variety of women by issuing favors to their membership plans. At the end of the day, the site has more active female users.

If you’re a man who is interested in women, this is actually a good thing; there is really no reason to fret about it. The more sugar babies there are on the site, the more entertaining it is. That’s an impeccable balance right there.

If you would like to be a member of SugarDaddyForMe, it’s quite easy. You may be relieved to know that the site doesn’t vet you using your email address. SugarDaddyForMe isn’t interested in much of your personal information.

SugarDaddyForMe Guide

Being one of the most reputable online dating sites on the internet, SugarDaddyForMe is quite easy to find. Nevertheless, the online dating world may be harsh for those who have never dealt with it. The SugarDaddyForMe Review is to provide you with hints on how to start a sugar daddy dating experience.

1. How to sign up

If you like what you see when browsing on the site, you can click on the register button and input your username, password, email address, mobile number, and date of birth. Aftermath, read the terms and conditions, and click ‘get started.’

You can expect an instant welcome message. This message is a warning against any illegal activities on the site. You will be informed to refrain from using the site for prostitution, commercial activities, escort services, and so on. To put it in other words, it recommends you stick to dating.

This is the website’s way of acknowledging that all sorts of activities are common here. Even though every other dating platform gives safety tips, SugarDaddyForMe seems to put more emphasis.

This is remarkable as it prevents new users from becoming offenders or victims.

Since you have registered, you can use the 3-day trial or pay to have full access to the site’s features. However, upon registration, what categories you can choose are more important. You can select Sugar Daddy, Sugar Momma, Sugar Baby, Sugar Babe – Male, Woman for Extramarital, Man for Extramarital and Gay SugarDaddy. This is important as it reveals your status and sexual orientation.

Once you have completed this process that doesn’t take time, you will immediately begin receiving newsletters to your email from the

2. Create an effective profile

After the signup process, you will need to fill your personal information on the profile. This includes adding your profile picture, updating tabs that need your descriptive information such as the profile headline, and ‘About me.’ All this information can be filled on one page.

Profiles with photos will get (20 times) more responses than profiles without. Although this figure is debatable, its generally true, a profile with an image will get more attention than a profile without an image.

The profile headline should be a minimum of 3 characters long, and the “About me” section will need at least 15 characters. These two fields are mandatory except for the profile picture.

To get more interactions, you will need to make your profile well-organized and appealing to other members. Your personal information should be brief and interesting to read. Long and verbose profiles are really tedious and unattractive.

Other things you can do on your profile are:

  • Add some specific notes
  • Change your profile information whenever you need
  • Use a creative username

One other great thing about the SugarDaddyForMe site is that it allows everyone, including non-paying members, to view profiles of other users.

You can freely search and take a glance at your s potential sugar baby profile. The information you find is their personal details, preferences, and pictures. This information helps you to decide if you like the person. If you like what you see, you can click the mail button to begin communication.

It’s unfortunate that SugarDaddyForMe doesn’t have the live chat feature. This is a killjoy since its more effective than the mail feature. Using a mail, you can take hours before you get a reply. It’s sometimes hard to establish stronger communication.

3. How to make contact

To make contact with a potential partner on the website is an easy process. Once in, SugarDaddyForMe allows you to use the search function to look around and start communication.

Here is what you should know;

  • If you’re a non-paying member, you only send a maximum of three messages per day
  • If you’re a premium member, you can get unlimited messaging
  • An additional fee may be charged to premium members who want non-paying members to communicate with them
  • Message types are denoted by different icons

Be informed that you can only contact other members after your profile has been approved by the SugarDaddyForMe team. The approval process won’t take much time.

For non-paying members, you can send free messages daily, but you can’t read nor reply to the messages you receive. You will just notice their delivery.

The messages you receive may have different icons. If you get a message with a bar of gold, it means the message is from a Gold Member. If it has a reverse arrow, the message is a reply. If the message is starred, it means it has been sent by a member with a Total-Access premium package. This package allows non-paying members to read and reply to messages.

SugarDaddyForMe Costs and Prices

SugarDaddyForMe costs.

When using this website, there are free services you can have as a non-paying member. These are:

Browsing through profiles – SugarDaddyForMe allows non-members to visit the site and take a look around. They can also use the search engine to view profiles even if they are not registered.

Profile creation – you can register and create your profile for free if you’re a newbie. You won’t be charged to upload your profile picture or add your personal information.

View photos – photos are accessible to non-paying members. They can also open other user’s profiles and view their pictures at no cost.

Send three photos/messages – non-paying members have the privilege to send at most three images/messages per day.

The available fee-based services are:

  • Profile highlight
  • Addition of profile notes
  • Faster approval
  • Search results priority
  • Unlimited mail storage

By the way, the add-on “Total Access” will allow non-paying members to read and reply to your emails.

Additionally, any type of membership you pay for will automatically include an administration fee of $5.95. In the event that you want to try the site first before making any commitments, you can get a three-day trial period.

If you use a credit card to make your payments, the transaction charges will show up either as,, or anything related. No connotations to do with sugar daddy or dating will be used. This is done to maintain your privacy.

The membership plans for SugarDaddyForMe stand as follows:

  • Silver membership – $39.95/Month
  • Silver membership + Total Access – $54.90/Month
  • Gold membership – $44.95/Month
  • Gold membership + Total Access – $59.90/Month

If you subscribe to the Silver member + Total Access package going up, standard members will be allowed to contact you.

Mobile Application

SugarDaddyForMe website look.

Apparently, SugarDaddyForMe doesn’t have an official mobile application yet. The company loves to do things the good old fashioned way. You can access the platform directly on the website.

If it makes you feel any better, the mobile version of the website is quite convenient. The dating site is well-adapted to give you a smooth user experience. You can still get quality services 24 hours a day. There are completely no obstacles to doing that.

On the other hand, users have to be careful with the multiple fake SugarDaddyForMe applications on Google Playstore. Its easier to be misled in this digital age. When SugarDaddyForMe releases a mobile application, it will be announced officially.

What My Clients Say About SugarDaddyForMe?

SugarDaddyForMe sugar baby is looking for sugar daddy.

The SugarDaddyForMe site met an equal amount of criticism and praise from its users. All the people who did these reviews are entitled to their opinions.

Lesley, 25

The website does have tons of attractive sugar daddies. I have been browsing for some time and realized that men on the profile pictures, whether young or senior, are quite attractive. I have never seen so handsome and good looking in one place. I got lucky to get in touch with some of them and they are great. Now, I know what the perfect romance looks like. He loves me and cares while I love him and his gifts.

James W., 37

I knew the SugarDaddyForMe was good but had some doubts. Now, I see that the site has great services and tools which help meeting beautiful and intelligent girls all over the world. Thanks to it, I have an amazing relationship with my Sugar Baby now. I have no idea what I would have done if not this SugarDaddyForMe website. My friends used it to start relationships and succeeded. They told me to try it and it worked. So, I am now telling you, “give it a go!” 

Toby, 48

I am an owner of the significant business and spend a lot of time searching for a baby. However, it usually takes a lot of time and effort. In real life, it took me years, while with the SugarDaddyForMe platform I did it in the first month. Of course, you need to be patient to find a partner, but it depends on a person’s wants and desires. The site is good in this regard, providing some interesting tools. However, these are the rules and if you play by them, you’ll find YOUR sugar baby. 

Thus, the world is a complicated place with complicated people. You can use a remarkable invention such as the SugarDaddyForMe site either for good or for bad.

Conclusion: Is SugarDaddyForMe a Good Sugar Daddy Site?

SugarForMe daddies.

For most people, SugarDaddyForMe is an effective platform because of its ease of accessibility. Even without a profile, it’s possible to start browsing and viewing users who are on the site.

On who benefits the most from this site, sugar daddies seem to be the most privileged. The site has more female active users compared to men. This means it’s swarming with sugar babies of all makes.

The only constraint can be communication. The implemented premium charges are a little high for most users. However, the fees are manageable for affluent Sugar daddies/mommies. They can have an untethered communication with their sugar babies using packages with a Total Access add-on.

In the end, there are enough advantages for sugar daddies and sugar babies. So why not register an account and test all the features?