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The site is a relatively young and fresh project that serves as a site for connecting people who value their time and build no illusions about the perfect first date. As controversial as it may appear, think about charity auctions, when people offer their time, and money, then go for some fundraiser after the dates. As the title suggests, all rights reserved, you have to decide what’s your price and what do you expect from the first date.

However, the point of WhatsYourPrice is to make sugar daddies and sugar babes meet. It is unapologetic and knows what it has to offer for both men and women who join the platform. It creates a unique dating experience, and it tries to provide its users with a safe platform and versatile community.

Is WhatsYourPrice Really Good?

Whatsyourprice Main Page.

Launched back in April 2010, WhatsYourPrice was a game-changer in the dating market. The concept and overall appeal of the auction make it a perfect match for people who know what they want and how they want to spend a pleasant evening, instead of counting on a chance.

Although some might be highly critical of such concepts, it is a rather honest and straightforward idea for a site: good looking and intelligent women seek a company of men who can treat them right, and vice versa, men who want to treat their partner with a good restaurant and have desire to support woman whom they meet with money, then why not?

Key Features

Foremost, it is important to note that you have to verify your account and provide your real photos for unlocking all features. There are standard features and unique ones accessible for you on WhatsYourPrice.com.

The standard features include:

  • You can create a profile and complete it for free. The service is also free of charge for ladies.
  • Free winks, favorites, and blocklists.
  • The extended search possibilities to find members by keywords, language, and name.
  • You can see who browsed you and added you to your favorites list.
  • Verify your account and income and get more attention from women.
  • You can check the last login date and time or hide yours.
  • You will receive “recent match” recommendations.
  • It is easy to adjust your privacy settings for your convenience.WhatsYourPrice Profile and Features.

Unique features:

  • The verification process requires a small fee from users since the site doesn’t profit from the date bids.
  • The bid date – means that you send the initial bid for meeting the sugar baby. On her end, she may review your offer or indicate her perfect bid, which you can check in the profile is. As soon as the bid is accepted, you will have to deal with the first date.
  • There’s a division between generous (sugar daddies) and attractive (sugar babes) members, but in a nutshell, you indicate whether you like to receive bids or make them.
  • The money should be paid after you go on a date, there’s no paying in advance.
  • Users testimonies – check or add your story of using WhatsYourPrice.com.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient and modern design for a site, which leaves a positive impression.
  • Advanced searching filters.
  • All standard features for a dating site, plus a unique bidding system.
  • A large member base and versatile users.
  • Private photos that can be unlocked if the user wants you to see them.
  • Reasons for rejection – a standard message that reasons why your offer wasn’t accepted (don’t get frustrated if that happened, people are different).
  • Credits don’t expire – your credits don’t have to be spent the moments after you have purchased them. You need credits for communicating with other users and getting to know them better.


  • Even though people are highly critical of the site concept, you still decide for yourself whether you like the transparency of meeting someone and supporting them with a dollar sign (or whatever sign) at the end of the day.
  • There’s still a possibility that someone might catfish you, but site administration takes the matter seriously.
  • Although there’s a date guarantee, it is still your responsibility to be honest and make a good impression.


WhatsYourPrice Membership.

Like any other dating site, the people who join WhatsYourPrice are here for an exciting first date and maybe possible continuation with people they like. At the same time, it is important to note that What’s Your Price concept doesn’t involve or encourage escort or any services promoted on the site. Therefore, the administration and customer support pay close attention to members and profiles, excluding the possibility of creating fake profiles or scams.

The vast majority of members are USA citizens, but you also may count on finding a person from other countries. Still, most members rely on meeting attractive women or men in their area, without having to find someone overseas. On average, women are more likely to get bids than men, yet it is not excluded that there are men who might find a sugar mommy for the first date.

Unlike other similar sites, What’s Your Price attracts more attention from wealthy men who want to get a sugar baby. The ratio of men and women is 60% to 40% respectively. We may assume that the statistics keep that way since not every user agrees to provide legit photos (which reduces the number of fake profiles) or verifies their account (where we believe the verification and credit purchase is still more justified than monthly subscription).

The vast majority of female members are students or university graduates, while male members age varies from 30 to 50. The goal of joining What’s Your Price is as easy as it goes: to have a great time in a company and most likely enjoy the evening than roaming a site for a match. At least we still consider the transparency of both sides as a pro: no one gets surprised or offended when your partner on a date expects you to be generous as a move.

WhatsYourPrice Guide

Online dating or sugar dating is not news out there. People still use these services to ease their search of a company for an evening or two. If everything goes great, you can expect the continuation or even development of good and strong relationships.

Of course, you should always stay clear with your match on what your expectations are from the date. As a generous member, don’t be shady and plan something not agreed before or hope that your date will read your mind. As an attractive member, always remember about your safety and reading tips on do’s and don’ts that might save you from something unwanted.

Here’s a small guide on sugar dating and how to use it. And remember, the success of the date always relies on honesty more than creativity.

1. How to Sign-Up

WhatsYourPrice Sign Up Process.

As soon as you hit the button “sign up” you are offered to pick up whether you are male or female, and whether you are interested in bidding on dates or get paid for dates. Sounds quite easy, isn’t it?

You are granted access to the site immediately after you have created the profile. However, you have to confirm your email so it would be easier to keep track of website notifications and other aspects important to stay on the top of the game. Even without email confirmation, you are ready to go for a search banner on the top of the website.

Then you will be asked to add information about yourself, your location, and your preferences. The more information you provide, the higher are chances that the site will suggest the best match for you. Still, you can set the search filters as you wish and find people worldwide, not only your local area.

At the same time, you can edit or complete your profile as soon as convenient.

2. Create an effective profile

Either you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, the complete and interesting profile is a guarantee that others will spot you.

First of all, select your photos. There is no chance that without a photo, your profile will be noticed. At the same time, the service is very attentive to the profile photos to exclude scammers or fake profiles from the platform. Choose the ones you are most confident in and which show real you but not the ton of Photoshop or simply your best angle.

The honesty is a new sexy, didn’t you know that? Create a catchy but honest bio that will say about your interests and what you expect from meeting a sugar babe on the website. The more you put out there that describes you as a person, the more likely you will get the attention of beautiful women and expect them to want to go on a date with you.

At the same time, if you are claiming something, have proof of your words. Don’t lie about something you have or like, just for the sake of getting extra attention. The best profile is the one that is complete, unique, and has many photos.

3. How to make contact

WhatsYourPrice Making Contact.

For starting a bid or conversation afterward, you will need credits. More on this in the following section of the review. Still, it is an essential aspect of the platform.

After sugar babe receives your bid and approves it, you can start a conversation by getting to know her better. Avoid making the most common mistake of oversharing something or sharing too much of the information irrelevant on the first date. Remember the basic rules of politeness and learning about someone’s boundaries.

Don’t provide too much personal info or start an online therapy. On the other hand, be open, interested, don’t do anyone favors when you start a conversation or receive messages. You both are here because of wanting to have a good time and keeping it as light as possible at the beginning.

You can choose to meet for a second date, and you also can manage this through the website. If something is not as you both imagined it, you can leave comments regarding each other, but also remember to stay polite.

Pay attention to what people are asking you: if you feel that someone tries to scam you, don’t hesitate to report the profile. Never provide any credit card or bank statements credentials in private messages. Never ask to go on a date somewhere private, ignoring public places.

WhatsYourPrice Costs and Prices

Free account is the possibility to get most features unlocked. The profile completion, browsing, and viewing of profiles and photos, favorites list and blocking, and sending winks are also available for free account owners.

If you want to contact the user first, you have to place a bid and wait until the user accepts it, but for conversing with them, you have to use credits. The credit purchase may be made once, the credits do not expire, and you can start actively contacting other members a bit later than you have purchased credits. It seems fair since the platform gives members all tools but never asks any additional money for the features.

An average price for a first bid varies between $5 and $200, and sometimes attractive users can provide information on what is their preferred price for a date.

Credits Costs Total
100 Credits 0.50 USD / Credit 50.00 USD
450 Credits 0.33 USD / Credit 150.00 USD
1000 Credits 0.25 USD / Credit 250.00 USD

The website doesn’t require any monthly fees or any additional expenses. However, the verification will cost you $50 once. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal, and the encryption secures all transactions.

Also, pay attention to Terms of Use and other aspects you have to accept before creating a profile for avoiding any confusion. The service doesn’t provide any transactions between members on the platform. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to provide any additional information on your credit cards or make payments before your safety.

WhatsYourPrice also has an approved affiliate program, where you get a commission for each transaction that your affiliates make. For more info, visit WhatsYourPrice.com.

Mobile App

WhatsYourPrice Mobile Version.

At the moment, there is no official mobile app available on App Store or Google Play. We found only one app at Google Store that appears to take Whats Your Price name, and it seems it has nothing to do with the respective website we are discussing now. Therefore, stay alerted and don’t trust shady web resources or unauthorized apps that may pose as legit.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take your favorite site anywhere with you. The service works perfectly fine in your mobile browser and shows no distortions or problems whatsoever. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your privacy and safety.

Still, we recommend using secure WiFi connections and adjusting safety settings on your mobile browser before continuing your chats with sugar babes.

What My Clients Say About WhatsYourPrice

Josh, 40:

At first I wasn’t sure about joining the platform because I’ve heard a lot of controversy regarding their core idea of sugar daddies and sugar babes meeting. When you put it in a way that people like it to put, it sounds really bad. I gave it a shot six months ago and I think it is money well spent on a dating site.

Usually all dating websites are sugar coated and promise something that they can’t give you. I mean, if you want to treat women you like on a date, does it make you a bad person? Or does it make her all material and narrow minded?

Most dates I’ve had were very much what I wanted, easy and lighthearted, without any drama or silent judgment. I like being generous and treating women with nice dinners and fancy places. Also, I always find women who are interested in the same topics, so there are no losers in this story.

Most women know what they want and guys should know what they can offer their date. It is okay to keep things honest. I like the honesty on What’s Your Price.

Evelyn, 23:

I graduated last year and I am still going for additional training to pursue my career. I joined the website last year and didn’t visit it a lot. However, I feel that WhatsYourPrice.com gives you an opportunity to meet people who can not only share a good story over dinner, but also support you if they want to.

I wouldn’t call myself a sugar baby, but I really enjoy a high-quality night out without having to deal with immature men. When you meet someone a bit older than you you can acquire a great friend or even mentor who will advise you on something smart. Of course, It’s not an appeal to one’s age, yet many dates have given me more than simply support from my date.

The website is not for everyone, I tell you that. You don’t have to be ashamed that this is not your format of dating or shame someone who agrees to these conditions. Live and let live!

I am thankful for many nice first and even second dates.

Conclusions: Is WhatsYourPrice a Good Sugar Daddy Site?

WhatsYourPrice Conclusions.

Overall, it leaves a positive impression. We like the idea and concept being stated as a core value of the platform. It doesn’t pretend to be a saint or give you something that isn’t present on it.

The overall member community and customer support attentiveness to profiles give you a hope that you will not deal with fake profiles or scammers. There’s also a bit of interest in offering your support to beautiful women and making the first date one of the best in your life.

We like the credit system that doesn’t force you into committing. The user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate through the site. Overall, it manages to set a high standard from the technical perspective.

It is definitely worth giving it a shot if you know you like this concept, and you are not a prude about rights reserved name – what’s ur price.

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